Social Security Planning


Realizing All That You Worked To Achieve

Social Security will be a crucial source of income for the 10,000 baby-boomers retiring each day. The decisions you make now can have a tremendous impact on the total amount of Social Security benefits you stand to receive over your lifetime. Unfortunately, the Social Security office can only tell you how much you will receive. They are actually prohibited from giving you advice on how to maximize your benefits.

The Social Security office is prohibited from giving you advice on how to maximize your hard-earned benefits. They can only tell you the minimum amount you will receive.

Here are some startling Social Security facts:

  • 72% of current Social Security recipients are receiving reduced benefits
  • Social Security will begin paying out more than it takes in as revenues in 2017
  • Social Security will exhaust its “trust fund” by 2041
  • 67% of Social Security recipients expect their financial planner to provide advice on Social Security

Understanding and maximizing Social Security retirement benefits requires a deep understanding of Social Security rules and regulations. At United Financial Group we understand the ins and outs of Social Security benefits and can help you get everything you deserve and have worked so hard to achieve. Contact us for more information today!

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