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United Financial Group LLC

Mark K. Kissell founded United Financial Group LLC in North Manchester, Indiana, with his father and other family members in 2000 and joined Drew Capital Management, a Member of Advisory Services Network, LLC, in 2022. We built our new offices in 2013, and we are proud of the fact that you have full access to us in our brand new building. We’re actively adding staff, including a third generation of the Kissell family.

As a firm of financial professionals, we understand the importance of a structured and managed retirement plan for achieving and maintaining one’s retirement goals. Retirement planning is one of our emphasis areas, and we include Social Security and Medicare plans as a convenience to you. There is no need to try to figure out these complex benefits on your own!

The Kissell family was born here, we live here, and we share your Midwestern values. Rolling up our sleeves to get the job done comes as second nature to us. We know how hard you worked to earn your money, and our number one priority is doing everything possible to help you grow it, retire on it, protect it and leave it to your heirs.

Mark K. Kissell, Co-Founder, United Financial Group LLC
Retirement and Investment Advisor, Drew Capital Management, a Member of Advisory Services Network, LLC

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“We help our clients prepare for all phases of retirement, keeping in mind their personal desires for financial growth, safety, and security.” Mark K. Kissell