Retirement and Financial Planning

Life Insurance

Life Insurance for Risk Management

Life insurance is designed to hedge the risk of adverse life events destroying your family’s finances, shifting the exposure and risk management over to an insurance carrier instead of your family. Here are just some of the reasons you should consider life insurance:

  • Help replace your income and provide financial security for your dependents.
  • Help pay final expenses.
  • Create an inheritance for your heirs.
  • Help pay federal, state, inheritance, and estate taxes.
  • Make significant charitable contributions.

Life Insurance is an area of expertise for United Financial Group LLC and we can custom-tailor a plan to help best meet your goals and objectives. We look forward to assisting you in leaving a tax-advantaged legacy that you can be proud of while meeting additional financial objectives.

Life Insurance and Annuities for Retirement

Life insurance has changed drastically. It’s no longer just used for a death benefit, but in certain cases, it can be used for income. Often this income is tax-free, too. With people living into their 80s, 90s and beyond, customized, tailored solutions are more critical than ever. That’s why almost all insurance companies have now updated their life expectancy tables and designed dozens of new life policies, annuities and riders to help meet the retirement income and wealth transfer needs of the retiree.

If a person has a life insurance policy or owns annuities that are more than five years old, they should absolutely have their policies reviewed by a knowledgeable insurance professional like the fiduciary financial advisors at United Financial Group LLC. There is a very good chance they may be able to dramatically increase the amount of coverage they have, receive more customized benefits, or simply lower the cost of their current coverage.

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